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Pickle Pie: Cyberpink #1 by George Saoulidis

The latest Vernacular Audio collaboration with sci-fi mythologist George Saoulidis! In an all-too-plausible near future Athens, popularity is queen. Debt slavery is not only legal, it's been gamified. It even has an official bloodsport: Jugger, whose ruined and exploited female athletes paint the town pink with blood 'shopped for public consumption. Inside and outside the Arena, perverts, crony capitalists, and cyborg deathknights run the streets. But with the help of a gutsy cyberpink girl and a savvy Veil hacker, the bankrupt smithy who crafts the elite their armor suits is about to rewrite the playbook...

Nanodaemons: A God Complex Cyberpunk Story by George Saoulidis

Tron meets Inside Out in this funny sci-fi thriller. When an ordinary guy’s implanted devices are reset after a construction accident that costs him his arm, the daemons in charge of his electronics are just trying to do their job as usual. But will they manage to keep their user happy and alive, when every bit of info they uncover becomes another part of a mystery, when it becomes clear that someone is framing him for murder and when a corporation is sending a snake charmer assassin after him?

Where a Spaceship Goes to Die: An Antigravel Short Story by George Saoulidis

When a scavenger captain offers her an unusual job in the middle of nowhere, Delphine accepts and tags along. But will she manage to get the treasure they're looking for when she has to operate a seadrone all by herself? When the treasure is buried in a spaceship graveyard two miles under water? And when the challenges she faces go beyond her wildest fears?

Interview: I'm Hearing Stories

I recently did an interview about audiobook narration with Kimberly Hobscheid of I'm Hearing Stories, a mother/son duo connecting speakers, narrators, authors and listeners. Have a look!

Earning Without Being Employed: 35 Businesses Anyone Can Start and Run by Jeff Evarts

If you want to escape the traditional workplace but don't know where to start, then this audiobook is for you. Explore a wide range of self-employment options - 35 of them - and gain practical tips on how to succeed as your own boss. These jobs do not require you to get hired by anyone, and you don't need to invest in a franchise or rent a store.