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Retail Cannabis Handbook: How to Start and Run a Marijuana Dispensary by Milton Wani

This is an easy-to-follow and comprehensive guide to start and run a retail cannabis business. Despite how it looks, a cannabis business can fail. Landlords can reject your proposal outright or never return your calls. Some people don’t want anything to do with weed. The retail cannabis business is in tricky waters, and it can feel frustrating at the start. Whether you are a newcomer or a would-be business owner, the Retail Cannabis Handbook offers a step-by-step guide to opening and appreciating the retail side of the marijuana business.

Confederate Saboteurs: Building the Hunley and Other Secret Weapons of the Civil War by Mark K. Ragan

Facing an insurmountable deficit in resources compared to the Union navy, the Confederacy resorted to unorthodox forms of warfare to combat enemy forces. Perhaps the most energetic and effective torpedo corps and secret service company organized during the American Civil War, the Singer Secret Service Corps, led by Texan inventor and entrepreneur Edgar Collins Singer, developed and deployed submarines, underwater weaponry, and explosive devices.

Modern American Utopia, Vol. 1 by Travis Wayne Goodsell

This is the book that got Travis Wayne Goodsell arrested as a 'terrorist threat,' labeled mentally ill, tortured, silenced, and locked away in the Utah State Mental Hospital for 6 years of his life. His crime? Using his Constitutional right to redress grievances, pleading to get his kidnapped children back.

The way he reads just gives me chills. I could literally feel them running through my body. You know that feeling you get when you’re listening to someone sing a piece of music in that magical way? That’s Luke’s voice and interpretation. It’s not the way I heard it in my head. It’s BETTER!

Joe Moniz
CEO and Author of Crash Test Entrepreneur

Money Mastery: Discover The Secrets Of Increasing Wealth And Oppportunity by Mikel Ivanson

In this timeless book, you'll get the motivation and knowledge concerning how the rich build their fortunes. Find out what rich people do, so you can take control of your finances, and pay off debt or simply just grow your assets.