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Hacking: Hacking for Beginners, Basic Security & How to Hack by Jacob Hatcher

Hacking is a widespread problem that has compromised the records of individuals, major corporations, and even the federal government. This book lists the various ways hackers can breach the security of an individual or an organization's data and network. Its information is for learning purposes only, and the hacking techniques should not be tried because it is a crime to hack someone's personal details without his or her consent.

Android: Programming and App Development for Beginners by Samuel Shields

Become an Android app developer in the comfort of your own home!

Really? A book that actually teaches you how to create mobile apps without expensive training? Yes - it's easier than you think. You really can write apps - with the help of this amazing book!

Luke’s reading is engaging and professional. His voice is very pleasant — friendly and conversational. He does a great job drawing the listener into the broadcast.

Jennifer Nigro
Coordinator of Volunteers at Kansas Audio-Reader